AutoSum does not work properly in Excel 2003



When cells containing formulas are included in a range selected to be summed,
the AutoSum feature may not build the correct formula for the Sum operation.
No error message is generated, the sum is just wrong. The Sum operation
works fine if you enter the correct formula manually in the target cell.
This has been duplicated on several machines. I could not find a hit on this
problem in TechNet. I have a very simple spreadsheet which demonstrates the
problem we had. If someone at Microsoft would like to see the specific
problem, send me an email address and I will be glad to forward the
spreadsheet as an email attachment. In the mean time, I am telling our folks
to quit using the AutoSum feature if cells containing formulas are included.



Nick Hodge


You will not get anyone to respond on here from MS. Let me take a look at
the workbook. I know of no issue with Autosum but suspect if there are
other formulas that these are returning numbers to 15 decimals while the
sheet is formatted to 2. When Excel calculates it will use it's full
capability of 15 digits of precision, not what is formatted, unless the
functions are 'wrapped' in a ROUND function, or excel (through
tools>options...' is set to use only the formatted precision.

I suspect these to be the issue, rather than a perceived fault with
autosum...but there is always someone who has to be first to discover bugs!

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

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