When I create my worksheet the autosum (or the formula I manually enter to
add the column) returns an incorrect amount. For example in column D6 I want
to add
$100, $100, $100. I click autosum, make sure the cell paramaters are
correct, hit enter and I will get $300. However if I enter another $100 the
sum still shows as $300. To get the correct answer ($400) I have to hit
autosum again. I'm constantly adding to the colum so clicking autosum after
every entry will not work. I've tried to clear the column of all formulas,
etc. and re-enter the formula and nothing happens.


if yuo did your formulas as =sum(a2:a6) excel will sum this array,
if yuo will include amounts in a7, a8, a9, etc use


pleae click yes if it was helpfull
regards from Brazil

"websterk12" escreveu:

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