Autorecover function not working correctly when running Excel 2003 on Citrix XP


Michael Rainnie


I have also posted this to the Citrix support forum.

Probably one if these problems that there is no solution.
User is using Metaframe XP and Excel 2003 and has the
autosave set to save every 10 minutes. User says if Excel
and Citrix go down at the same time, he looses his work
on the Excel spreadsheet. If the session is timed out,
Excel is open when he logs back into the session.

I saw a post on the Internet that did talk about issues
with autorecover not working properly when a session
times out and that changes are lost because Citrix does a
clean shutdown of Excel and autorecover doesn't work.

Any suggestions beyond telling the user to save more?

Anybody run into this issue?


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