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Users are reporting that when they set(check) the setting Replace Straight
Quotes with Smart Quotes in Tools, Autocorrect, Autoformat as
you type, the setting may stay for a day or a week. Sometime when working
on various documents the setting get turned off somewhere.
Sometimes it may be set, then the user exits Word, goes back into Word, the
setting is not set. The user is never turning the setting
off. Does anyone have any ideas why or how the setting is being turned off

We are using Word 2002, SP2, with the latest security patches.



Beth Melton

Hi Jay,

This setting will not be automatically changed by Word. However you
could have a third-party macro modifying the settings.

Since it sounds like it only happens occasionally I suspect an
attached template for a document is changing the setting.

Unfortunately it may take some time before you are able to track it
down. When a user encounters the setting has been changed then take a
look under Tools/Templates and Add-ins and note the document template.
Then take a look at the template and see if there are any macros
stored in the template. You may need to open several of the users last
opened documents and take a look at each one until you find the

Please post all follow-up questions to the newsgroup. Requests for
assistance by email can not be acknowledged.

Beth Melton
Microsoft Office MVP

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