Using MS Word 2002. I have turned off all the autocorrect
options--Autocorrect, Autotext, Autoformat, Autoformat as you type, and
Smart Tags. However, when I open some documents, mainly from other users,
all the autocorrect options are checked again. How can I ensure that
they'll stay off for all the documents I open? Thanks. --Arthur




start record a macro

record it to a key stroke or tool bar button.

Start turning off all options you want off.

stop the macro recorder.

Now, everytime you open a document, you can click on your button or key
stroke and options will be turned off.


Thanks, But I don't think so. There has to be a way to do this inately. Is
there an adjustment to that I should make? How do I tell Word to
open all documents in MY parameters, not in those of others? Is there a
simple setting I may have missed? Thanks. --Arthur

Beth Melton

The AutoCorrect and AutoFormat options aren't stored in documents, they are
stored in the Registry. If you are seeing all of the options turned back on
then the likely cause is some type of macro that's causing the issue. (This
is easily accomplished when those who don't really know what they are doing
discover the Macro Recorder. ;-) )

First check Tools/Macro/Macros and see if there are any macros named "Auto"
in the list. If you find any, select the macro and see if Edit is available.
If so then click Edit and see if you can determine what is happening. Or
copy/paste the macro for us to take a look at.

If Edit is disabled then take a look under Tools/Templates and Add-ins and
see if you have any global templates listed. If so, they are located in your
Word Startup folder or Office Startup folder. The easiest way to find them
is to note the file name and use Windows Search to locate it. Once found,
move it out the folder to prevent it from loading when Word starts.

If it doesn't happen on all documents open find a document that causes the
issue and check for macros.

If you still can't find the cause, post back and let us know - there are
several other options to explore such as COM Add-ins.

Please post all follow-up questions to the newsgroup. Requests for
assistance by email can not be acknowledged.

Beth Melton
Microsoft Office MVP

Co-author of Word 2007 Inside Out:

Word FAQ:
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