Auto-archiving messages from Hotmail to Outlook 2003



Can Outlook 2003 auto-archive messages from HTTP (Hotmail) and IMAP (my
school email) accounts? I have set the parameters to auto-archive messages
older than 3 months and I do realize that this is based on the modified date.
However, a couple of things worth noting:

1) all of my messages older than 3 months have a modified date that
seemingly automatically changes to a date just inside of this 3 month line
(as if whenever they are about to be archived, the messages are modified so
that they are not moved).
2) the messages are never auto-downloaded so that I can not view them
offline. Is this a characteristic of HTTP and IMAP accounts, so that
theoretically they can remain viewable from any computer? I guess once they
are downloaded, they are taken off of the respective HTTP and IMAP servers
and cannot be viewed from other computers. Is this why auto-archive doesn't



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