Authentec x64 Driver Update for AES2501A Fingerprint Reader doesn'



Hi, folks.

Did a search online but couldn't find anything on this topic, so I figured
I'd post it here.

Yesterday Windows Update began offering an optional driver update for the
Authentec AES2501A Fingerprint Reader. My old driver version was,
and it updated it to an 8.0.something version, no problem. Device manager
said it was functioning properly. Unfortunately, the Authentec Digital
Persona Personal program would no longer recognize the reader. I had to
uninstall 8.0 and reinstall 7.9 and it worked fine again.

I've got an HP dv9700t laptop with Ultimate x64 installed. If anyone wants
more info feel free to ask.


Thanks for the advice!

Searched the web a bit more, and found that simply clicking "Roll back
driver" from Device Manager worked like a charm, I'm back to 7.9 and the
fingerprint reader works without even rebooting.

I guess a fix for this comes soon, so the next version of the driver that
comes with Windows Update is probably safe.

Gregg Gilden


I upgraded to Vista 64 Ultimate. When I did, the reader stopped working. Tech support at HP said the AES2501A was incompatible with Vista 64, but I found 2 drivers on HP website in the V64 area and which say compatible with WVU64 which I downloaded yesterday. Unfortunately neither one works when I rand the software. I tried updating manually and it says the driver is not 64 compatible. The first was and the second was supposed to be, but it says in Manager.

Can you email me what you put in? If it works, I'll upload it to my web page for you to direct others to. Deal?

Gregg Gilden

Hey guys thanks for the info. I removed the drivers and the files and installed SP36054. Now the reader works. HP has such idiots working for them. The guy told me the driver was incompatible but they would exchange machines because of the 4G memory crunch and non user configurable shared memory.

PS. The posting I made ended up on 4 other forums? Anyone else have that problem?

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