Audio Problem with Logitech Deluxe Webcam for notebooks

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I am running a Logitech Deluxe QuickCam for Notebooks with built in
microphone with version 7.5 Messenger. I have set the webcam up and tested it
using the audio / video set-up in Messenger . I have also checked the audio /
video / voice settings in Windows ( running Windows Xp Home Edition SP2 ) and
ran the TEST HARDWARE set up . The video and audio both seem to work fine
when tested in the set-up mode with both test applications. I can view webcam
with no problems and the audio works perfectly when I use the voice clip in
messenger to record and send audio . My problem comes when I try to have a
VIDEO CONVERSATION ------ the audio starts out fine but then seems to have a
mind of it's own and i can't control it. The audio starts to screech and even
when I have the microphone volume almost turned all the way off . The problem
is always with my end and I can hear feedback through the speakers . I do
not have a built in microphone in the laptop itself so I know it's not
causing the problem . Can you help me through this .


I am having exactly the same problem with Quickcam and MSN 7.5. I am
using it on a Dell Inspiron 6000 with XP Pro SP2 and am wondering if
the problem is with the computer. When I tried the camera on my Compaq
PC(Win 2K) I had no problems with the audio levels. Dell helpline
could not offer any suggestions, so I too would be very keen to know if
anyone else had managed to sort this one.


I have had same problem on my gateway notebook. It was a logitech notebook
quickcam (made for notebooks for crying out loud). I took it back and did
even bother to replace it. You would think these companies would test their
products before they sell them (and they are not inexpensive). I tried the
webcam on aol, msn, and yahoo messengers. All had the same problem. When
you call logitech they tell you to call gateway, and when you call gateway
they tell you to call logitech. The best bet is to just switch over to an
all apple system ;-)

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