ATI Radeon 9600 Pro problem



I have now run out of option with my 'New' PC. Firstly,
its a IBM P4 3.2Ghz with 1Gb Ram 160GB Hard Drive, 128MB
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Video Card and DVD burner running on
Window Home Edition. The machine runs very well on the
internet or just using the PC in general. Such as using
MS Office, emailing, Surfing etc.

However, as soon as I try playing 'Any' games on it,
after a while (about 3 - 5 minutes) into the game it
decides to reboot itself and takes me back to the
desktop. You don't even need to be playing the actual
game just being in the game mode will trigger it.

I've had a number of suggestions but I still can't nail
it. I have taken the automatic restart off (Hopefully to
give me an error message but, it doesn't even do that).

I've upgraded the BIOS and the ATI Radeon video card as
these where other suggestions. I've also re-imaged the
machine back to when I first bought it. Which was only 3
weeks ago. I've contacted IBM and they said to run the PC-
DOCTOR diags and everything passed. In the device
manager, there is no conflicting hardward. I've also run
the Memory checks which passed and lastly no errors where
mentioned in the 'Event Viewer'.

So, now I'm calling on anyone who can shed more light on
this problem. I'm not game enough to buy any more games
until this problem gets fixed. The only games I currently
have are:- Gangland, CSI and SimCity 4.

Please needed,


You may need to update your chipset drivers from Intel,
then go to ATI and get the latest Catalyst drivers. You
may also want to send ATI an email explaining your problem
and your complete system info. They have excellent
support and may be able to help you out.


try turning off auto reboot on error.
undr Control Panel, System, Advanced tab, under Start up and Recovery Settings button, unchecthe box for auto restart.
this may allow an error message to show what is going on.

also you might monitor your system temperature. not uncommon to reboot because of heat.

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