ATI announces CrossFire: Multi Graphics Processor Platform to counter Nvidia's SLI



ATI Defines The Next-Generation of Enthusiast Gaming With CrossFireT
Multi-Graphics Processor Platform

CrossFire combines the power of ATI's Radeon® Xpress chipsets and Radeon®
GPUs to deliver the best performance, image quality and game compatibility
in the industry

ATI Technologies Inc., (TSX:ATY)(NASDAQ:ATYT), a leader in graphics and
media processors, is revolutionizing gaming with the introduction of
CrossFireT, the ultimate gaming platform. The CrossFire platform has been
designed to give gamers the best performance and more flexibility and game
compatibility than any other multiple graphics processor platform. It
combines the power of ATI's Radeon® Xpress chipsets for Intel and AMD
processors, a standard Radeon® graphics processor and a Radeon® CrossFire
Edition graphics card to bring massive performance and image quality to

When gamers add a CrossFire Edition graphics card, which includes the
CrossFire compositing engine, to their Radeon Xpress powered system they are
doubling their graphics rendering potential. With a variety of settings,
they can use the rendering horsepower to get up to twice the performance of
a single graphics card, or they can choose to put the horsepower to work
increasing the image quality of their games, making them look better than
ever before.

"ATI's CrossFire platform delivers the best gaming experience bar none,"
said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PC Business
Unit, ATI Technologies. "It is by far the most broadly compatible and
flexible multi-GPU platform and gives users the most options for enhancing
performance and visual quality. We believe this platform sets the stage for
outstanding gaming now and in the future, with systems powered by ATI's
graphics processors and chipsets."

The strength of ATI's CrossFire platform is its broad game compatibility.
ATI's unique multiple graphics processor implementation allows CrossFire to
automatically work with every game, new or old, without requiring special
game profiles or driver updates. Whether a customer is playing a game that
was released last night or last year, CrossFire can automatically make the
game run faster and look better.

For gamers purchasing or building a CrossFire system it couldn't be any
easier. The optimal CrossFire platform includes a motherboard powered by
ATI's Radeon Xpress 200 CrossFire Edition chipsets. These motherboards have
the two dedicated and balanced PCI Express® graphics ports needed to run
multiple graphics cards and are optimized for high-performance gaming.

Radeon Xpress 200 CrossFire ready motherboards from partners such as ASUS,
DFI, ECS, GIGABYTE, MSI, PC Partner, Sapphire and TUL are designed with
gamers in mind. They support both AMD and Intel platforms and have the
overclocking and enthusiast-class features that gamers want such as
high-definition audio, dual-core support as well as Gigabit Ethernet, SATA
II with NCQ and RAID over PCI Express and they offer the broadest
compatibility with high-performance system memory.

Customers will have plenty of options and flexibility in choosing graphics
cards for their CrossFire systems. The Radeon X850 CrossFire Edition cards,
with 256MB of graphics memory can be paired with any standard Radeon X850
based graphics card. The Radeon X800 CrossFire Edition graphics cards, which
come with either 128 MB or 256 MB of graphics memory, can be paired with any
Radeon X800 series graphics card. The standard Radeon X800 and Radeon X850
cards can be purchased new or can be ones the customer already has.

The standard and CrossFire Edition cards will be available from ATI and ATI
graphics partners including ABIT, ASUS, Connect3D, Diamond, GeCube,
GIGABYTE, HIS, MSI, Pailt, Sapphire, TUL or VisionTek.

System builders such as ABS, Alienware, Cyberpower, Falcon Northwest,
Hypersonic, Ibuypower, Monarch PC, PC Club, Polywell, Velocity Micro,
VoodooPC, and ZT Group will also carry CrossFire systems for gamers wanting
pre-built systems.

With its amazing system and graphics performance, the resulting CrossFire
system is a dream machine for gamers. Whether they game professionally or
for fun, they are sure to be the envy of their friends. And with almost 1
million Radeon X800- and Radeon X850-based graphics cards already sold, many
gamers are already CrossFire ready!

CrossFire ready motherboards and CrossFire Edition graphics cards will begin
shipping in July. For more information on CrossFire please visit


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