Assigning static designations to USB ports



I have a Netvista machine with Windows XP. Every time I restart it, the USB
port designations get shuffled. What was USB port G might be H, or J, or F
now, and the ones on the back are equally scrambled. Shortcuts no longer
work, playlists vanish if the music files are stored externally, etc.

If there is a way to assign a non-changing designation, like P and Q for the
two front ports, that would be WONDERFUL! I've spent a few hours googling,
asking, and searching for this information. Thank you!



Andrew E.

Try installing the chipset installation utility for youre boards chipset,get
this from the mfg web site (intel,amd,etc)..This utility gives xp the
drivers &
instructions for USB,networking port,etc..

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