assign lpt to network printer



We are running an older program that requires lpt assignment for printing. I
can access the network printers but cannot assign them to a specific lpt
port. I have used the following process: Start, Printers, Add, Network
printer. It lets me add the printer but I can only address as a network
address. Other than using the NET USE command, is there a way to assign this
printer to LPT1, LPT2 or LPt3.


What's wrong with net use? If its not part of a login script, you can make
it stick with the "/persistent" switch

net use lpt1 \\server\printer /persistent:yes


Rube, this works fine if you are using an administrator account. A regular
domain user cannot redirect LPT1. I am having trouble with this right now.
A KB article describes how you can disable the hardware LPT1 port, using
devcon.exe. I've tried it, it will disable LPT1, but still will not allow
allow a domain user to redirect LPT1. Suggestions?


Mike A,

Do you have any solution? I have the same problem. share some info if you
have the answer. Thanks.


Hi, Mike -

Although a non-administrator can't remap a physical port they can map
one that doesn't exist - can they map to LPT2 instead?

Hope this helps -


Yes, They can map LPT2, LPT3. just only can't map to LPT1. Any idea because
my old legacy appliction can print only on LPT1



Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem and need to be
able to use the LPT1 port.

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