Are Outlook Express .dbx files transferrable to Outlook?



I am getting a new computer and will be using Outlook instead of Outlook
Express. Is it possible to save all my .dbx files from OE6 and somehow
tranfer them into the new Outlook? If so, how? Do they remain .dbx files
or are they changed to .pst? Thanks in advance.



Roady [MVP]

There is no direct transfer possible. You'll first have to configure the
dbx-files with Outlook Express/Windows Mail on your new computer and from
there you can use Export to export them to Outlook. Outlook will use
pst-files indeed.



Peter Foldes

Which OS are you getting.Also which version of Outlook. Depends on how you can transfer your saved dbx files. If it is Vista then you will need to get your dbx files to WM before getting them to Outlook. If XP then you need to put back the dbx files into OE and then from there to Outlook. Let us know

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