Are Access 2003 applications compatible with Visual Basic 2005



My company is planning to migrate from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic 2005.
I have some applications developed in Access 2003 which contain VBA code
developed using VBA 6.5

Will these Microsoft 2003/VBA 6.5 applications still run after the Visual
Basic 2005 migration or will any modifications be required?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Douglas J. Steele

Realistically, there's no real connection between Access and Visual Basic.
Access doesn't use either Visual Basic 6 nor Visual Basic 2005 (which, more
accurately, is VB.Net)

I suppose it's possible that installing Visual Basic 2005 could conceivably
upgrade some library to which your Access application might have a
reference, but I don't think it's too likely. References in Access are
unique to each MDB (or MDE), not to Access itself.

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