Access Developer Extensions in VSTO 2005?



As I understand it, Access Developer Extensions were / are included in
VSTO 2003. I am attempting to locate and use the Access Developer
Extensions in VSTO 2005. I have not been able to locate ADE in Visual
Studio, Access, or elsewhere on my hard drive.

I have installed:
Office Pro 2003,
Visual Studio 2005 Pro,
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office
System, and
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System.

In particular I'm interested in using the packaging wizard for
deploying applications; however, I have not a clue as to where to find
the ADE executable files.

This feels like one of those silly questions, but after a day of no
development I'm willing to put myself out there.



Norman Yuan

1. VSTO2003 as VS2003's add-in, is not included in VS2003, you need to buy
it seperately.
2. For VS2005, things are more complicated. VS2005 Pro has nothing to do
with MS Office managed development, while VSTO2005 is an entire suite,
almost the same as VS2005Pro and incuding functionalities for managed MS
Office development and ADE. VSTO2005 is not an Add-in to VS2005Pro.
3.VSTO2005 SE is an add-in, which can be added to VS2005Pro and VSTO2005. It
does not have ADE. It is only for Office 2007. I have no idea If there is
ADE for Access2007 at all.

1. If you previously bought VSTO2003 as addin to VS2003, you should have ADE
in one of the CD/DVD;
2. If you have bought VSTO2005 (it is a comlete suite, not add0in to VS2005
Pro), then you should have ADE in one of CD/DVD
3. If you have MSDN Universal Subscription, you would have ADE;
4. Intalling any version of Office2003, VS2005Pro, VSTO2005SE would not
bring you ADE.



Thanks for the info, you wouldn't believe how long i stared at my start
menu looking for ADE.


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