where are the access 2003 developer extensions



I cannot locate the Access 2003 Developer Extensions (to create an access
2003 runtime program for small distribution on computers that don't have

1) I have installed all the Visual Studio.net programs (2 CD's &
prerequisites) & all three MSDN disks, plus service packs

2) I have installed Office 2003 Professional & service packs

3) I installed Visual Studio Toos for the Microsoft Office System

After all this...I don't see any add-ins in Access, nor do I see any program
'DEVELOPER EXTENSIONS' from Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office (no
Microsoft Office Access 2003 Developer Extensions or Package Wizard)

Any ideas?


where did you get all this stuff.. from MSDN?

what level of subscription do you have?

I honestly reccomend just breaking every licensign agreement that they
have; microsoft has proven that they are incapable of making this a
reasonable proposition.

the AccessRT.MSI is included on the Office 2003 Professional Disk.

install that on peoples' desktops via SMS and then you can just
distribute MDB / MDE / ADP / ADE files like you normally would-- across
the network.

hope that helps im ****ing pissed that microsoft makes it soo difficult
to install the Access Runtime.


Larry Linson

They are part of the Visual Studio Tools for Office 2003 System, but may be
a separate entity on the MSDN distribution (or, I suppose, could be missing
entirely from MSDN, but I don't think they are).

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP


the AccessRT.msi is available on the Office 2003 Professional disks.
I would reccomend just installing that MSI on other machines; Microsoft
has made this too difficult to be reasonable.


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