Archive.pst Problem - Can't View Folders



I'm moving my outlook data files from one laptop to another. I copied the
personal and archive PST files into the correct directory. The personal.pst
file works properly, but even after opening the archive.pst data file, I
can't view the archive.pst file folders, but there are sub-folders in the
archive folder for deleted items, sent items and search folders. I can't
see/access the archived messages. File size is 111,121 KB so I assume the
messages are still there. Help!


Which versions of Outlook are you transferring the files between?
It's possible that file has been corrupted during the transfer. You can try
running scanpst on it. If you can grab it from wherever you got it from
again that would be good.
If scanpst fails and you can't get another copy then there are services that
can attempt to recover the data. They aren't cheap.


The OL data files can be located in any suitable location, there is no
'correct' location, though there is a default location.
Overwritting an existing data file can cause corruption


I'm transferring from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2007. I'm just trying to move
the data files to my new laptop. I was successful with the personal.pst, but
somehow botched the archive.pst.

I'll try to run the scanpst on the archive file I copied to my new laptop.
If the file's corrupted, I'll it against the flashdrive I transferred it on.
If those fail, I can try to get the file from my old laptop (it's dying).
Will post the results. thanks

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