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I use Outlook 2003 Exchange server and would like to auto-archive my active
folders to archive folders. My company's crack IT team, in order to stop
server-overolad, deletes all messages after 30 days. Those messages in
regular folders are moved to the deleted items folder and those in the
deleted items folder are permantley deleted. I have set the archive
properties of each folder to auto-archive at 20 days so that there will be no
deleting by the server. I have also re-checked every folder to assure
correct settings. The problem is that Outlook archives some and not others
and there is no regularity to which ones are archived and whch ones are not.
I have asked for help from our crack IT tram for over a year and am now told
told that it is an Outlook problem that they can't fix. Yes, I could archive
every message by hand, but I would rather do it automatically. Thanks

Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

I think the little bit of information your crack team are missing is that
auto archiving works on the basis of the Date Last Modified for each item.
So it may seem random, but it's not.

I hope this helps you at least a little bit!

Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Outlook trainer and author of Productiv_IT with Outlook

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Canberra, Australia

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