Appointment Body on Custom Page 2- Hide Default Page



I need the formatting of the notes/message field but have some other drop
downs that will directly relate to that field. Puttling them on two
different pages makes the custom form much harder to understand. Can the
appointment message/notes field be moved to the custom page so all the
related info is together and I don't have to display the default appointment
page? All the other fields are available from the field chooser.

Seems like I should just be able to drag it from the filed chooser but it is
not available. If I could design the default page with custom fields that
would work too but it doesn't appear you can edit the default P.1.


Sue Mosher [MVP]

In the Field Chooser, that field is called Message or Notes, depending on
the type of item.

Since Outlook doesn't provide any date picker controls, you may find that
designing a custom page with the functionality of the main page is difficult
if not impossible.


Oh, thanks. I had been looking for that all day. It was called Message
under the Frequently Used Fields section. I was looking under the
Appointments sectino for Notes or Body.

I figure the dates can either be typed into the Start and End fields or
modifed by the GUI section of the calendar by dragging. I know I want to
avoid VBA as much as possible. I feel comfortable with it in Excel but not

Whatver I create I have to maintain so I really want to keep it simple.

Thank you for your help; it is greatly appreciated.

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