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John Chief Justice Marshall

My firm had been using WordPerfect for years. In the last year we converted
to Word 2007, and I have been converting my WordPerfect templates to Word
2007 templates.

Unfortunately, in doing my conversions I did not realize that my default
style for new documents was not being carried over into the new templates.
Therefore, when I got to paste from one document to another the style applied
to the pasted item is screwed up (unless I select to paste "special" and past
unformatted text). What's even more frustrating is that we do a lot of
envelopes directly from the addresses stored in the file, but every time that
I reset the style on the main document, the envelope mailing address still
comes up in some other style that requires changing multiple settings to get
what should be a pretty standard style appearance that I use on new documents.

Anyone know how to import the styles from another document, or know how to
wipe out the document's existing style and therefore use the defaults I have
set? I would prefer not to have to cut and paste every template into a new
Word document as unformatted text and then go through it reformatting it




Gary Haugen

Click on devloper, then macros, then click on the organizer button. Make
sure the styles page is active and you can copy styles between templates.

Having said that, I'm not sure I understand what you are doing. In Word, a
document is built on a template. When you paste text into a template, the
styles associated with that template are applied to the text in the document
based on the template. If you are changing the style in a main document,
then copying the text into a document based on a different template, the
text will be formatted in the styles set in the template associated with the
document you are pasting into, not the one you are copying out of. For
example, text formated as style1 in a document based on template A, when
copied and pasted into a document based on template B, will be formatted
with the attributes of style1 in template B.

Making the change from WordPerfect to Word is a real pain for a law firm.
Good luck.

"John "Chief Justice" Marshall"



Stefan Blom

In Word, you cannot set a "default style" globally (if that's what you are
asking). Instead, what you can do is modify the appropriate style(s) in all
of your templates. Usually it suffices to modify the Normal style, which by
default is the based-on (parent) style for most other styles.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

"John "Chief Justice" Marshall"

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