Applying Security Settings on TS Printers



We have a TS Application Server running W2K SP4 and we have 3 clients that connect via XP Pro's RDC. One of those users logs in and 'uploads' the local printers to the TS Server, the other two do not. Right now all three users log in to the TS Server using the same user name & pw (Active Directory). I have created 2 new users and all three members are part of a Global Security Group. I log into the TS Server as the Administrator and access the properties of the printers, however if I add the Global Security Group within the Security tab and assign the permissions, the next day that Global Security Group is gone (or after the user that 'uploads' the printers logs out and then back in). Where are the properties for the printers actaully stored once the client printers are 'uploaded' to the Server and how/where can you add additional users and have it stay. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Vera Noest [MVP]

You can't do this. The security settings on the printers are
created from scratch when the printer is autocreated (what you
call "uploaded") within the session. The security settings can not
be modified by normal users and the default security settings can
not be modified at all.

What you should do instead is one of the following:

* if you want all users to print to a shared printer, share this
printer on the network and connect to it from the TS as a
administrator. That way, you can set the security settings, the
printer will always be there, and you can make this the users
default printer through a logon script. You'll need some sort of
utility to do this:
Defprint.exe controls local printers (local to the TS),
Con2prt.exe controls network printers, or use a KiXtart script.

Examples (check for correct syntax!)

if %Clientname% == CLIENT01 DefPrint.exe /d "HP OfficeJet"

if %clientname% == CLIENT01 con2prt.exe \\PrintServer\printer01

if %clientname% = "CLIENT01"
SetDefaultPrinter ("\\TS\printer01")

Defprint.exe can be downloaded here:

con2prt.exe is part of the NT Resource Kit.
KiXtart can be downloaded from

* if you want every user to print to their own, local printer,
then you have to find out why some local printers are not
autocreated (if that is what happens, I'm not sure if I understand
your situation completely). The most probable cause for failed
redirection of local printers is a mismatch in the printer driver
name. Check the EventLog on the TS to find out. If that's the
case, you will have to create a custom ntprintsubs.inf file to map
the local printer driver to a native driver of the server.

239088 - Windows 2000 Terminal Services Server Logs Events 1111,
1105, and 1106

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