Applying default paragraph style (Word 2007)



How do I apply the default paragraph style to text which has been altered
with custom formatting? In 2003, I could highlight a paragraph which
contained words that were manually formatted (e.g., bold), and alt+O, S would
give me the Styles dialog in which I could select "Default Paragraph Style"
from the scroll box. How do I accomplish this in Word 2007? A
keyboard-shortcut solution would work best for me. I need to use the mouse as
little as possible.



Jay Freedman

As in all previous versions, the shortcut Ctrl+spacebar removes any
direct character formatting from the selected text, and Ctrl+q removes
any direct paragraph formatting.

If you'd really rather do the exact analogue of what you did in Word
2003, the corresponding shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S to open the
Styles task pane. However, the Default Paragraph Font choice in that
box will remove only direct character formatting, the same as

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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Alternatively, you might try either of the following:

1. The best way to remove specific types of formatting or even all
formatting from selected text including the entire document is to use the
Style Inspector task pane

Select the desired text
On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click the Styles Dialog Box Launcher
to display the Styles task pane
Click Style Inspector (middle of three buttons) to display the Style
Inspector task pane

Click the appropriate Clear Formatting button ; the ScreenTips for the
buttons from top to bottom are:
Under Paragraph formatting
Reset to Normal Paragraph Style
Clear Paragraph Formatting
Under Text level formatting
Clear Character Style (applies Default Paragraph Font)
Clear Character Formatting
You can also press Clear All to clear all of the above

2. Also more readily available is the following brute force method:
To remove all direct font formatting, all character styles except the
Hyperlink style, all direct paragraph formatting and to replace all paragraph
styles with the Normal style

Select the text (placing the insertion point in a paragraph and following
either of the steps below does not affect font formatting settings)
Do one of the following:
On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click More to display the Quick
Style gallery and click Clear Formatting



Herb Tyson [MVP]

To remove ALL formatting, the simplest way is to select the text, then click
the Clear Formatting tool in the Font section of the Home ribbon tab. This
resets style, paragraph, and character formatting (sets the style to
Normal). This is a great way to strip out all formatting from
imported/pasted text.

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