Applying A background to my desktop



I have problems applying a background to my desktop. If I open the display
properties and select the wallpaper tab it opens but I am unable to choose
any of the available wallpapers. I can only change the colour of the
background. It also doesn't work when I right click on an image and click
apply as desktop backgound.

Any help will be appreciated please!!!




I am having the same problem. One day, my background picture was gone;
however, I do see it for a second while the computer is booting up. Then it
disappears and goes back to the bllue screen. The background options box is
somehow disabled.

Mike Erwin

Well this makes three! This morning I turned the computer on and the same
exact thing happened here. When the system is powering up I can see my
background wallpaper when it finishes the power up cycle the background turns
blue. I go to the control panel and display tool and try to correct the issue
but the scroll box does not work. I can see my many wallpapers just can't
select them, it is like the mouse does not know it is in a scroll box. The
mouse pointer does not change to the select pointer. I can change colors just
not wallpaper. Hope someone is listening! Seems to just happened!

Mike -


I am having the same problem with my computer and i can't seem tog et any
help, but if you get a resolution and don't mind sharing, you could email me
at (e-mail address removed) i would appreciate it very much.


Lorraine said:
I am having the same problem with my computer and i can't seem tog et any
help, but if you get a resolution and don't mind sharing, you could email me
at (e-mail address removed) i would appreciate it very much.

i also have the same problem. My desktop background image seems to be stuck
or something. I can't change it at all. If I open the display properties I'm
not able to see the wallpaper tab. I need help because this is annoying, I'm
stuck with a blurry pic as my background. Greatly appreciated if anyone can
help me out, (e-mail address removed). You can e-mail or reply here so I can solve
this problem.


i've been having the same problem too. I was wondering if you were ever able
to fix your background?




what did you do to fix the prob???? please contact me at eather
(e-mail address removed) or (e-mail address removed)


I am also experiencing the same problem. Can anyone shed some light here on
how they managed to fix this problem? Much appreciated.


Hi there,
I also have this problem. Will you kindly help me fix the problem if you
have any solutions for this problem? Thanks I can really use a solution...


Hey folks! I can't figure out the cause for this either. If anyone has a fix
for this that they can share, I would greatly appreciate it!!!!


okay!!! seems to me that there are a few people with this prob. I am one of
them...not only CAN'T i put a desktop picture on, but my icons and text are
all blurry too. I've been trying to figure this problem out for a few weeks
now, if you can help me please contact me at:
(e-mail address removed), (e-mail address removed) or (e-mail address removed).





ArmageddonAngel said:
Contacted lenovo and fry's - will not send disks. Lenova has said the
following: "We don't include nor do we send the disks due the fact
that it would be too expensive on our part with the manufacturing
that we provide. Frys: "We do not lend nor rent out p.c. software due
to the fact of piracy, and the individual sales needed from the
software companies. Each computer is different, as is the software.
If you need a piece of software you can buy it from our store or
online at (and they continue to read off the website name)."

As for the model number or type of lenovo I'm running - I really
couldn't tell you since it's not printed on the computer nor the box
it came with. I have seen the same computer advertised by
tigerdirect. In fact for less than what my father paid for this

Either way - just spending the 120.00 dollars on thursday (today) to
get Vista and re-installing the O.S. then creating a safe back-up

My understanding is that you should have been provided with means for
reinstalling your OS, be it on disc or by a special partition on your hard
drive. If I were you, I'd pursue that angle more vigorously before forking
out more money.

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