XP Display Props-->Desktop-->Background is greyed out


Alex van der Spek

I have an XP laptop where I cannot change the Desktop background, all
selections are greyed out. The Browse button is grey and so is the Position
drop down box.

The only things that work are the Color drop down and the Customize Desktop

I am logged in as User with Administrator rights.

Other similar computers on the same network do not have this issue.

Does anyone know how to correct this? The present desktop background is
inappropriate and when logging on/off a stretched wallpaper flashes briefly.


Alex van der Spek




Not totally sure, but you could try this.

Goto Start -> Run and type "gpedit.msc".

Somewhere under User Configuration under Control Panel there will be a
setting to NOT allow people to certain things, such as changing background,

Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly, because I'm at work and not home. At
work it won't allow me to get into those settings.

Once you find th setting you need, you can right click the item and go to
properties and enable or disable that feature.

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