Apply a shim do an specific application to force the application r


2008 ts user


Is there a way to apply a shim with the application compatibility
administrator (from the act) to an specific application to force the
application to always run elevated when UAC is enabled, without prompting the
user? (do you want to grant the app blabla).

I have seen that there are shimns for uac in the application compatbility
administrator like "RunasAdmin"

But if i apply such a fic (create new db, save db asnd install db) it doenst
work... i tested it with regedit, and i still always get the constent prompt.

is there a way to avoid this for ony one particular app without disabeling

2008 ts user

hmmm not very enterprise handy... :) and i also prefer doing it via shim as
with some kind of experimental thirparty tool.

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