Forcing a .NET framework 1.1 application to use .NET framework 2.0 without creating application conf




I have a console application that is compiled using VS 2003 and hence
targetted for .NET 1.1 runtime. This application uses some shared
assemblies (my own) that were also initially compiled using VS 2003
and hence targetted for .NET 1.1.

Recently we have moved those shared assemblies to .NET 2.0. However
the console application is not yet moved to .NET 2.0. Now, when this
console application runs, it fails to load those shared assemblies
since the application uses .NET framework 1.1 runtime and the shared
assemblies it requires are now .NET 2.0. If I create a application
config file for the console application to use .NET 2.0, it all works

However, creating an application config file is not a feasible option
for us since there are many such applications and some of them are
packaged in our installers and we don't want to rebuild those
installers with the application config files.

The question is: Is there any way to force a set of applications to
always use .NET 2.0 without explicitly creating application config

Any help will be much appreaciated.





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