Appendix Font Changes in Word



Am running Word 2007.

In a single file, I managed to get Appendix numbering to work using these
guidelines, except for two issues. I cover each in seperate postings.

When I initially set this up using the instructions from the preceding URL,
the fonts were correct, but then suddenly, when I was working in another part
of the file, the Appendix heading partially changed to a different font, from
Arial to TimesNewRoman, even though I did not directly or knowingly make
those changes. That is, I now have two fonts in the appendix headings:
Appendix A appears in Times NewRoman. The heading title appears in Arial. I
want it to all be in Arial.

From the Multilevel List setup, I tried to change the Font from Times NR to
Arial, but I get the following message: "The number must be between 1 and

This is baffling, and would not have done it in Word, but that's what others
use, and we have to share documents.


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