Any video cards that still offer video to both monitor and TV?


Bob F

I have been using BeyondTV on my XP PC to record and watch TV. Using a 7950GT
Nvidea card, I can set it up with the option "when watching video content" "also
show it full screen on my TV". Apparently this option was removed on their newer
drivers and cards, something to do with DRM.

I found a reference suggesting the ATI cards still had a similar option after it
was gone from NVidea cards. Can anyone tell me of any more recent cards that
would have a similar capability?

I don't yet bother with HD programming, so that is not an issue. My 7950 card is
starting to produce artifacts after the fan died and it got too hot, so I need
to find a replacement.

Alternatively, does anyone have any good references about repairing the problem
on my 7950GT card?

Bob F

Well, not new but almost four years: MSI R4870-T2D512 OC Radeon HD
4870 512 MB ((VGA, with a DVI adapter through a KVM, and DVI directly
to the same monitor [dual connections one at a time];
S-video+composite cables and adapter connected to Toshiba W-627 VCR
to a January 1996 19.5" Sharp CRT TV).

It's not clear to me what the KVM is doing in this. Is it just an intermediate
switch? Does it have any effect on using the TV? OR is this the equivalent of
having the monitor and TV plugged into the card? Does this give you the
capablility of watching TV in a box on the monitor, and/or turning on the TV and
watching there?
Is the video visable on both screens at the same time, but full screen on the TV
even if it is not on the computer monitor?

Bob F

Ant said:
KVM because I have multiple computers to share my primary old 19"
Samsung 5:4 LCD monitor (VGA), PS/2 keyboard, and PS/2 mouse. I don't
want have to buy another mouse, monitor, and keyboard for my other
machines. Waste of room and power, and making more heat!

Yep. I did noticed the newer video drivers forced me(?) to use DVI and
VGA which suck because I can't use my KVM. Ugh. I use v8.10 driver
and I don't have that problem. So yeah, it looks like newer video
cards(?) and drivers are force the dang DRM crap. I still use a 20"
Sharp CRT TV for my fullscreen videos from the computer.

BTW, I had a NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT KO before this ATI video card. I
got really pissed off when NVIDIA yanked the fullscreen video
overlay. Also, it messed up video's aspect ratio on my old CRT TV!
Ugh. Since your video card's fan died, can't you replace its fan? I
know it can be done with third party on video cards.

I did replace the fan, with an old fan from an old 386/486 heatsink taped over
the hole where I removed the built in fan. It cools way better than the
origional fan. Unfortunately, the unit now periodically produces artifacts on
video output and some pictures.

Thanks for the info on the ATI card. That does open up possibilities for

Bob F

Ant said:
Cool. ATI Radeon HD 4870 (and 4850) were popular back in those days so
you should be able to find some used ones. I don't think new ones are
made. I do have to replace mine eventually. I might get another ATI
video card? Let's know how it goes!

I just picked up a used HD4850 X2. Do you have any memory of what drivers worked
with the full screen TV option. On my NVidea card, I couldn't go much more
recently than 169.21.

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