Any freeware SSH service for Windows XP with cmd.exe?


Phillip Pi


Currently, I use the latest CopSSH version but it seems to have problems
with some command line programs (e.g., xcopy/copy commands -- hot keys
fail when prompted) and text programs (e.g., They tend to get
stuck and I have kill my SSH connections. I have used PuTTY v0.60 and
SecureCRT v3.4.7.

I use Linux/UNIX a lot so lots of their text programs and command line
work very well locally and remotely. However, this is not the case with
CopSSH in my updated Windows XP Pro. SP3. Even the developer/author
doesn't know how to fix the issues.

I do not want to use telnet since it is insecured. Thank you in advance. :)
Phillip Pi
Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Partner Engineering/Internet Service Provider/Symantec Online Services,
Consumer Business Unit
Symantec Corporation


I use it quite a lot, don't know if it meets your security requirements,
or even what you're trying to do?

Isn't SCP for secured file transfers only? SSH is only for text sessions.
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