Another frozen Microsoft program!


Sven Pran

"The program mmc.exe version 6.0.6001.18000 stopped interacting with Windows
and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available,
check the problem history in the Problem Reports and Solutions control
panel. Process ID: 2614 Start Time: 01c95add9034a16f Termination Time: 15"

I was searching the EVENTVWR (event viewer) for information on the now
infamous IE7 freeze problem and had activated the help system (mmc) for
information on how to filter the logs. Finished with it I ended EVENTVWR in
the normal way and then noticed that the help panel was still open. All my
attempts to close it were futile and at last I had to force it from the
Windows task manager. The above message is the message logged in the event

Can this be the same problem that we so often experience in IE7 now, or is
there a different likely explanation?

I have taken the liberty to cross post this posting to both IE and Vista

regards Sven

Leonard Grey

What exactly is "the same problem that we so often experience in IE"?

Rhetorical question, since it's just your opinion. Your problem is that
you refuse to accept that your system was compromised by malware, and
instead you are running around trying out this and that theory.

Leonard Grey

I apologize for this post. I am confusing you with someone else. I am sorry.

Your comment about "the same problem that we so often experience in IE"
is still unsupportable.

As I recall correctly, your problem is that you do not want to perform
the necessary troubleshooting steps needed to diagnose your problem, and
instead you are proposing your own theories for the cause of your

Sven Pran

The failure in mmc appeared identical to the freeze problems I have
experienced in IE7 and which I have seen reported also by others.

I have tried my IE7 with all non-certified add-ons disabled, I have replaced
those add-ons that was indicated suspicious and I have eventually succeeded
in isolating the problem to occur only when I have one particular Norwegian
web page active in my IE7. However, the freeze is not predictable, it is
very sporadic and all I can tell so far is that it has never occurred unless
that particular web-page was addressed.

Coincidence? I don't believe so. Error on that web page? Maybe, but then why
did it not show up before November 5th. and why did suddenly similar reports
start popping up from several other users? No, I don't accept this
coincidence either.

I have no information that there was any change to this web-page that could
account for the freeze in my IE7 and I have every reason to believe that
other people reporting freezes in IE7 has never addressed this page.

Excuse me if I have misunderstood something, but I have the impression that
the one test I am reluctant to try is to eliminate all add-ons to IE7,
certified as well as non-certified, and see if the problem is still there.

My IE7 complained immediately when I tried anything in that direction and I
see little value in trying to run IE7 for several days or even weeks in a
crippled version that I cannot use anyway.

What I am trying to do now is to investigate on my own and report any piece
of information that could be used to build up a pattern in the hope that
eventually some cause could be identified.

My configuration and operating mode is such that I have full confidence in
my protection against malware. This includes trusting Microsoft, and unless
somebody convinces me otherwise I have full trust that no malware has been
received from Microsoft with their regular updates to my system.


Sven Pran

Because as far as I can understand the freeze error is no longer (just) IE7
but also EVENTVWR and/or Microsoft Management Console so it seems to me to
be a general Windows and not an IE7 error?

I wasn't sure of the best way to handle this change but thought that this
might be it. Have we been barking up the wrong tree all the time? The more I
dig into the matter the more convinced I am that it probably is the same
error I stumbled across in MMC.


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