ANN: IndieVolume


Andriy Gerasika

IndieVolume is a small utility extending Windows with functionality to
allow applications to have totally separate volume, balance and mute
audio settings. For example, you can set ICQ sound volume to 50%, MSN
Messenger sound volume to 75%, WinAmp sound volume to 100% and mute
Internet Explorer.

IndieVolume does not replace the standard Windows Volume Control, but
rather supplements it - the Volume Control and IndieVolume work side by
side. The standard Volume Control is used to control system-wide volume,
balance and mute, meanwhile IndieVolume implements controls for
application-specific volume, balance and mute.

Benefits of using IndieVolume

* Using IndieVolume, you protect your ears against loud sounds of
instant messaging while listening to music
* IndieVolume is a kind of audio firewall - IndieVolume prevents
applications from changing volume level by themselves, shocking you with
loud sounds

Features of IndieVolume

* setting presets, preset export/import
* FX effects (over 50 FX presets included)

System Requirements

* Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP,
Windows 2003
* DirectX 8 or DirectX 9
Note: If you have DirectX 8 installed, FX effects will be
unavailable, please upgrade to DirectX 9 at

For further information, please visit IndieVolume website at

Thank You
Kind Regards,
Andriy Gerasika

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