Audio Recording Control Issue In Realtek High Definition Audio


Rashid C M

I have Asus M2N8-VMX Motherboard.
I have installed Windows XP Professional in
my system. And I installed the chipset,
audio, video ,lan etc drivers properly. And the device
manager shows every devices are working properly.
Physically there are no problems for video hardware,
networking, audio hardware etc. I opened the volume
control in windows. In the playback section I can
adjust the volume levels of Master volume, SW synth,
Line volume, CD Volume, Mic Volume etc properly. But
In the recording section I can see all levels like
Recording, CD Volume, Line Volume, Mic Volume, Stereo
Mix etc. But in them only Recording volume level is
active. I can adjust the level properly. But all the
other levels like CD Volume, Line Volume, Mic Volume,
stereo mix etc are disabled. But I can mute/unmute
them. But please notice that I can play songs and
record sounds very clearly and perfectly. but video
editing softwares like Avid Express Pro are not
working properly because of this problem. The software
is automatically closing by showing an error message
At first i thought that this problem might be
because of any windows file corruption. So i have
formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp.
And i installed all the drivers properly. But the
problem remains same. I have noticed this problem in
many new Intel Desktop Boards with Reaktek High
Definition Audio. Also I have noticed the same problem
in new Asus, Msi motherboards also.
But I noticed in one intel desktop 945 board (I
don't remember the model number) there was no such
problems with audio mixer. Then i tried installing the
audio driver came with the support cd of that
motherboard in my newly installed windows xp. But the
problem remains same.

Now let me know the correct solution for this
problem. I have also contacted AsusTek Customer care
for the same problem with new Asus motherboard. But
they were unable to find a solution for my problem.
They instructed me to update audio drivers and
provided some links. Also they instructed me to
decrease audio hardware acceleration levels through
Dxdiag. But the problem remains same. Later they said
that they are forwarding my problem to senior
technicians. But I have not received any replies yet.

Can anyone help me to find the correct patch


Have you communicated with Realtek? It's their sound chip and Windows
driver. I have similar problems with the mixer not being available to
applications that normally will link up with the sound input that
they're connected to. Thus far I haven't pursued any solutions.

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