Animated graphs



Hello all

I'm a bit of a powerpoint notice so please bear with me!

I have a chart, created in powerpoint, which I would like to grow when the
slide is shown in the presentation.

i.e the bars in the chart grow from 0 to whatever value they are, one after
the other, when the slide is presented.

I've seen someone do this with shapes that wipe up, but that seems like
cheating as their graph was drawn, and not a real chart.

Can anyone advise me on this please?


Should pretty much work the same way with a real chart. Select the chart,
apply the custom animation wipe, up. Apply a suitable speed. Now double
click the animation in the animation taskpane. On the graph animation tab,
next to group choose the appropriate item by element in...
Normally every bar wil be animated on click, if you want them to appear one
by one without clicking, just select the animations in the task pane and
apply after previous.
Luc Sanders
MVP - PowerPoint

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