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Mar 5, 2002
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Advice for dealing with stiffs

The real reason is none of the judges fancy her

So this why you divorced wife # 1 and married that plain looking girl. It's also why you happy, probably

Maybe them blonde jokes are real

The UK has a lot of allies, which sometimes I find hard to believe considering the amount of criticism receieved from certain parties.

Here's one I'd never heard of but which nevertheless cheered me.

King Siaosi Tupou V of Tonga tours the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire. The South Pacific island, which is in the Commonwealth, has a long history of providing military support to the UK in major conflicts, including both World Wars, and on peacekeeping operations:

Looking at that, I wonder how the BNP might have greeted this guy?

I'm going to get just a little political here, forgive me, just my POV.

Hitler once voiced the opinion that he was surprised Britain did not side with him. Considering the Royalty links, Britain's colonial past and the rise in the UK in the 1930's of the blackshirt movement, so am I.

But oppose him we did, the UK stood for freedom, justice and equality, flawed though the reality was, it was nevertheless true.

Many nations fought alongside us, apart from the obvious allies such as the US (a bit of a late starter perhaps but they truly saved our bacon) there were many losing their lives against the nazis of a different skin colour.

That pic above shows a lasting legacy of loyalty and brings a tear to my eye, tbh.

The BNP would use patriotism and WW2 symbols such as the Spitfire and Churchill, to promote their racist cause.

Back in 1939 Britain took a stand against everything the BNP stood for, so I wonder why, sometimes, how the BNP can hijack some of Britain's proudest moments to try and further their hatred campaign.

How would the BNP have viewed Joanna Lumley's campaign to let Ghurka veterans stay living in the UK?

If you a Brit soldier, having a Ghurka alongside you in a campaign would surely bring a feeling of a little extra security.

I said I was going to get political and politics is something we do tend to shy away from but I'm in the mood. Sorry.

And yes, I know everything is far from perfect with immigration/social security/EU and all the rest and I don't like a lot of it as much as the next person, but try and take a balanced view.

Young Polish men flew Spitfires and died for the UK in the Battle of Britain. Sad thing is, not even a lot of young Polish immigrants know that, sad.

Maybe I'm just thinking out loud here, probably.

Hatred is a cancer. Cynicism and pessimism will eat you away. We have friends, and friends all over the world. I sometimes wonder how and why, but we do.

This is a good thing.

Hmm, what's got into me, lol ;)




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