Alternate to Business Contact Manager




I am looking for a new address book program that will be able to import my
BCM 2007 data. (I would prefer import/export features more capable than comma
delimited types.)

I chose BCM when I switched from ACT! because it offered more capabilities
for importing data than did Outlook's address book. (There appear to be more
fields in BCM than Outlook.)

I have experienced various problems with BCM and would like to remove it
from my systems.

The problem is that I have more information in BCM than I can export to
Outlook. I would like to find a good address book that is capable for
managing contacts, but not necessarily anything on the order of ACT! or
Business Contact Manager. I also would like to use a program that I can count
on being around for some time in the future.

I plan on continuing to send emails from Outlook, and not necessarily
keeping track of them in the contact manager.

I have searched using different criteria this evening; but, I have yet to
find a good alternative.

Can anyone help?






The Outlook address book is a filtered view of Contacts, containing just
electronic addressess
The main Outlook 'address book' is Contacts

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