Altering formatting in headers when using StyleRef



I use a Greek font in my writing that is supported in the font I use in the
doc. However, my publisher requests that my headers be TNR italics. The Greek
font is not supported by TNR italics. So, when I have Greek in a subheading,
the StyleRef field inserts the subheading in the header and changes the Greek
to odd characters. When I try to override the formatting for the one word
which appears in Greek, Word overrides that and returns the Greek to the odd
text. How can I override the formatting in the header without changing the
formatting in all the headers in the section?

I thought of possibly creating a new section where this could be done
manually, but there are serious problems with trying to get different headers
if you don't use StyleRef.

Any help would be appreciated!



Peter T. Daniels

If you use the Unicode Greek range of TNR, you will have no problem
italicizing it. You don't _have_ to retype all the Greek in your
document, just the few words in the headings; if there's just a small
amount of Greek, use Insert Symbol, be sure the coding is set to
Unicode, and select the Greek range at the upper right. This takes you
to the display of the basic Greek alphabet, where you can pick out the
letters by clicking them individually.

If you're typing lots of Greek, you should install a Greek keyboard in
Windows, via Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
(what you see next depends on whether you have XP or Vista, but it
should be easy enough to find the right spot -- install "keyboard"
rather than "language" unless you want Word to be able to talk to you
in Greek).

You'll then have a new icon in your Windows taskbar, near the right
end, that usually says EN; click on it and change to EL.

You can then use the On-Screen Keyboard (Start > All Programs >
Accessories > Ease of Access (I think it was called "Accessibility" in
XP)). With the OSK open, put your cursor in your document, set the
keyboard to Greek, then slide the cursor onto the OSK and the keytops
change to Greek letters. You can type either by clicking them on
screen or by typing on your keyboard.

If you're doing Polytonic (Classical) Greek, see "How to Use the Greek
Polytonic System," which is somewhere in Word Help online but its url
wasn't included when I printed it out.

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