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I'm using Win XP Home Edition v. 5.1 on a Dell D800 laptop computer. I want
to hook up an InFocus 540 model data projector and have the slideshow run on
the Infocus side of the desktop. Tinkering here and there once before, in
spite of the descriptions to the contrary, I did get the InFocus device to be
the primary monitor. It ran for a 2-hour presentation without a single
glitch. I cannot now duplicate that feat.
OBJ: I want to show the slideshows on the Infocus while viewing the design
page on the laptop monitor. In the display/setting/monitor menu, both the
primary and alt monitors have the "use this monitor as the primary" checkbox
grayed out. I cannot turn one off, and I cannot activate the other. I can now
drag the ppt design page to the al monitor (InFocus), but when I start the
slideshow it appears on the laptop monitor.
A little help please and thank you... monize(eject this)

Bill Dilworth

Is the second monitor 'extend desktop' checkbox checked?

Bill Dilworth
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You can designate the slide show display in PowerPoint when using extended
From the menu bar: Slide Show / Set Up Show /
In this box see the Multiple monitors section.
With the drop down menu select which display you want the
slide show on.

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