ALLUSERS=1 appears not to work in XP Pro.

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Karen Gallaghar

I have been trying to create a few simple MSI files.
Clean, patched (Ghosted)XP Pro machine, logging in as a
Domain Admin (and a member of the local machines
administrator group). Do a Discover, create a folder in
Documents and settings\All Users\Start Menu\programs
called Telnet. Create a shortcut in that folder to
windows\system32\telnet.exe. Do the post install
discover. Double check the NAI and it is pointed to
@CommonPrograms\Telnet\Telnet.lnk. Convert it to an MSI.
Open the MSI with Orca and add to Properties "ALLUSERS"
with a value of 1. Reinstall clean, patched, (Ghosted) XP
Pro machine. Double check in Veritas Software Console
that Allusers=1. Log into machine as a Domain Admin (and a
member of the local machines administrator group). Install
the MSI. It still installs to the logged-in ID's Start
Menu\Programs. I even tried the batch file approach
(msiexec /i Telnet.msi ALLUSERS=1) on a clean machine.
Same thing. Is there a method that works on XP to create
jobs that install to the All Users start menu?

Phil Wilson

Well it does work, so I'm wondering if somewhere in the MSI file there is
explicit code (a custom action) that's setting ALLUSERS. That wouldn't be
unusual. Look at the custom action table with Orca.

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