"All Users Property is not 1" error



While trying to install Windows Defender on a newly imaged machine w/ XP Pro
SP2 I receive the following error:

ALLUSERS property is not 1 - This MSM cannot be used for a per-user or
fallback-to-per-user install

The installation fails. Any ideas?

Dave M

Are you trying to install if from an Admin authority Userid or from a
Limited user account? Could it already be installed on your system by
another Admin user, in which case access to subsequent users on that same
system is allowed using the original installers Options settings ?

The installation can no longer be made "Per User", but only "Per Machine".
You get an error like:
"1: ALLUSERS property is not 1 - this MSM cannot be used for a per-user

Bill Sanderson MVP

This was discussed here within the last two weeks. Try a search--it might
have been in the networking group. There was a solution, as I recall it.
If I get a chance later this weekend I'll see if I can spot it.

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