All my meeting reminders occur in the past



Hi All,

On only one of my user's pcs, every time he gets sent a meeting request that
we all know is in an hour, his reminder states "this meeting occurs in the
past". This all occurred after DST. He has the DST patch and his pc clock
has the correct time zone, time, etc.

Any one have any ideas?


Oliver Vukovics

Hi glfnelk,

you hav 2 settings for the times in Outlook. One is the pc clock and the
other setting is in Outlook "Tools/Options/Calendar options/Timezones".
Please check also the settings in Outlook.

If you have a mobile device (Palm, PDA, Blackberry), check also the settings
of this mobile device.

Aonther idea could be to start Outlook with "/Cleanreminders":

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