All games on my comp freeze


John Cino

I install a game on my computer and when i first play the
game it dosent freeze at anytime or anything but after i
awhile when i open games again and i click on like player
name it will freeze automatically and when i play the
game it will freeze. I updated all my graphics drivers
and i hav the newest direct x 9.0a and it still freezes.
And whenever i click on like find player and in the name
feild if i click in ther it also freezes imedeatly. If
someone cud help me fix this problem i would realy
appreciate it.
I hav a AMD atholon Xp 2100 512 RDRAM 64 G-Force 4 Mx 440
Direct x 9.0a. This problem started happening like out of
nowher and all games that i install on my comp dont work.
Like any good new game out. I really need help sum1
helppppppppppppppp me. Its summer and i cant play games.
They work wen i first install but if i dont play the game
and after i awhile start up the game again and play for 2
min i freeze . HELLLLLLLLLLLP




Sorry Pal,

Need more info....
Do you get specific error messages? Is the only way out, to reboot? or can
you kill the program with ctrl-alt-del, then killing the process in the task

Have you done:
1) Chkdsk (and selected Fix errors)? Click START, then Run, and enter
chkdsk/f in the field. If it complains about running, choose the option to
SCHEDULE on next boot, then type exit, and reboot. Let it finish.
2) Then do a Defrag (Under Accessories, in System Tools) That will also help
the games run faster, not to mention, it might actually solve the problem.

Sounds like your system is tripping all over itself to try to get all the
files it needs to run your games.

Keep it maintained, and it'll make you much happier.

Post back if you still need help,
-Lawrence in Seattle




still doesnt work. And i get the normal error message and
the send and dont send buttons and weni hit dont send it
closes game and i dont hav to reboot. I tried Defrag that
didnt work. ANy more help keep it comin.

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