After stopping hibernation, touchpad and keyboard don't work... so


Morgan Wick

I have a lot of stuff open, which slows down my computer tremendously, and my
battery doesn't hold a lot of power. So it runs out of power and starts to go
on hibernate, but it's slow enough that I can hit Esc a lot and stop it from
going into hibernation.

However, the following symptoms subsequently occur:
*The touchpad and keyboard stop working, even after the computer stops
having a lengthy bout of activity, but not right away. It only stops working
when I go to the systray to find out exactly how much battery power I have
*Speaking of which, the battery/power indicator in the systray keeps showing
the "charging bolt" well after the battery should be fully charged. However,
when I was trying to get out of hibernation I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and the Task
Manager continues to show updates the whole time.
*The computer in question is a Dell Inspiron B130. When I hit Fn+F2 twice
(which controls the wireless adapter), the wireless light comes on. So I
suspect the problem is with Windows, not with my computer's hardware.

I have complained before that when my computer attempts to go on standby or
hibernate, it almost always doesn't finish and I can't hit anything on the
keyboard or touchpad to reverse the process.

Morgan Wick

What do you mean by that? I normally do all my work on AC power, but the
problem with standby/hibernate is the same on AC and on the battery.


Reread your post. The indication I get is that you are running on battery
power. Am I confused?

Morgan Wick

Sorry for the long delay in replying. You might not even see this, I don't
know how this works. I probably should have made it clearer that I'm hitting
Esc a lot AFTER plugging it into an AC outlet.

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