adprep /domainprep error


EMI Computer

I am trying to upgrade my w2K DC to w2k3. adprep /forestprep ran fine,
but adprep /domainprep fails. The DC is the schema, operations and
infrastructure master.

See exerpt from log file:

Adprep was unable to modify the security descriptor on object


ADPREP was unable to merge the existing security descriptor with the
new access control entry (ACE).

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Check the log file Adprep.log in the system root
System32\Debug\Adprep\Logs directory for more information.

Adprep encountered an LDAP error.

Error code: 0x0. Server extended error code: 0x0, Server error message:

Adprep was unable to update domain-wide information.


Adprep requires access to existing domain-wide information from the
infrastructure master in order to complete this operation.

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Check the log file, Adprep.log, in the
C:\WINNT\system32\debug\adprep\logs\20060314104017 directory for more

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