ADP with SQL 2008 Express


Steven Cheng

i had previously designed a ADP file off of SQL 2005 Express database and it
worked fine. now, i have migrated to SQL 2008 Express and reattached the
tables but the ADP file is now saying that this verison of SQL doesn't
support design changes from Access. i saw someone else's posting that this
is quite consistent with previous version. how can this be as i had been
able to do so in the ADP file for quite some time. is this this something
new with 2008 or have i not allowed the correct permissions to do so?

Steven Cheng

thanks. unfortunately, that is not what i wanted to hear as i am in testing
mode and really don't want to add another version to my already clutter

i guess i will find another way or bite the bullet and install 2005 again.



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