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I have a form that is based on a view on SQL server. When I edit the record,
instead of updating the view (which is updatable), the sql script generated
by ADP actually updates the underlying table that makes up the view.

Now the reason I wanted to use view is so that I could isolate security and
grant user permissions on the view rather than the underlying table.
However, due to the fact that update is translated against the base table,
rather than the view, I am forced to grant user access to the base table as

Is there any workaround for this?

In addition, I have noticed that IsDirty flag is never set when user closes
the form based on this view. I intended to provide a simulated unbound user
interface to the user. i.e., providing cancel, save command. On close, it
should prompt user to either cancel or save the form. However, IsDirty flag
is always false, and hence I couldn't detect if user has made any change.
Any idea where it might be wrong?

I also have a problem with datasheet view's column name. Despite changing
the column name in design view, the old column name still gets shown in
datasheet view. Any idea what could be causing this?

Is there a way to clear, say a subform, which is bound to an underlying
table/view, without actually causing the underlying data to be deleted. This
is like semibound control. I want to be able to load the data when as if
it's bound, and then be able to control the display of it subsequently. Is
this at all possible?

Thanks in advance



Sylvain Lafontaine

Using a parameter to filter the results of a query might help you in solving
your last question: all you have to do will be to requerying the subform
with the proper parameter.

For you second question, you must use a form, change the title of the
associated label for the field and display this form as a datasheet. If you
fields doesn't have associated labels, then you can't change the title of
the column. (However, I'm not sure of this, I will try to make some tests

Finally, for you first question, I don't know because I always use
parameterized SP with ADP, not views. One possibility would be to try with
the option VIEW_METADATA when creating the view but I don't know if this
will work or not under ADP.

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