ADMT v3 Access is Denied



Hi Guys.

I'm testing an AD Migration from a domain in one forest to another domain in
another forest. We have been taken over by another company and i have to
migrate our users/PCs etc from our domain into the new companies domain.

I have a test setup using Active Directory Migration Tool v3.0 between out
main domain and a test domain we already have.

I have installed the Password Export Server Service, set up DNS replication
both ways and set up an External 2 way trust. I'm not given the option to
set up a Forest Trust for some reason. This may be the problem, as I cannot
enter the admin accounts from the source domain into the domain admins group
in the target domain or vice versa.

When I try to migrate a user using ADMT on the Souce domain, I can go all
the way through the Migrate Users wizard but the migration fails with an
Access Denied error. If I try to run the wizard on the Target DC, the Wizard
fails on the "Password Options" screen with an arror:

Unable to establish a session with the password export server. Access is

Is the access denied error caused by the type of trust I have created? If
so, why does the Trust Wizard not give me the option for a Forest type




An update!

I discovered that the Forest functional level on the test domain needed
upgrading. I've done this and can now create a two way forest trust that
validates successfully. However, I'm not able to add users from each domain
into the relevant Domain Admins groups, so I'm still getting Access is
denied errors when I attempt the user and group wizards in ADMT v3


Paul Bergson

Is the user that you are logged on with have security credentials to do the
function? Check to make sure that it resides in both domain admins groups.
Having a trust doesn't explicity grant you access to all, you still have to
be granted the trust.

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