Administrative Privileques Required - Why?


Axel Dahmen

This is really weird:

I have set up an existing Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine anew again,
keeping drive D: which is my data drive. Same settings as always, everything
the same...

But now VS 2010 can't save one of my .cs files (MainForm.cs) which it did
save on the same machine yesterday night!

What happens is that ...

* The Save As dialog opens when I'm pressing CTRL + S. (very strange)
If I then try to overwrite the same file, I get an Access Denied error.

* If I try to manually rename the existing file from within the Save As
first a dialog opens, telling me that administrative privilegues were
required to
perform the rename action.
Confirming this I get a UAC dialog asking me if I want to allow
devenv.exe to
apply changes to the machine.

* If I try to manually rename the existing file from within Windows
I also get prompted to confirm administrative privilegues. I never
have seen
this before on this machine.

What's happening here? Can someone please enlighten me on this?

I have set up this VM with this same configuration about 6 times now. This
only once occured to me before. I formatted the D: drive then. But I don't
always want to format the D: drive. What's going on here?

The D: drive has standard security settings: Administrators: Full, Users:
Read... I'm an Administrator on this machine.

Axel Dahmen

More information:

When right-clicking into my D:\ drive and selecting the "New" sub menu item,
all I get to select from is "Folder". It is not possible for me to add
anything else to any directory than Folder.

When creating such folder, within that new folder the New sub menu lists all
possible file types then.

What's going on? I'm a member of the Administrators group. Administrators
have Full Access on that drive.

What's missing???

Any help is appreciated.

Axel Dahmen

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