Admin user, but unable to install software



Windows XP Pro, SP2 up-dated
IE7, ZoneAlarm Antivirus

Have somewhat of a problem and hope someone can shed light on what might be
the possible cause of this problem.

When I first built my machine and installed XP, I made another account to
use as admin and my everyday account. I've used this account to install all
of the programs I have on my machine and never had problems before.

I've tried to avoid problems by checking newsgroups and other resources to
see if any of the Updates from Microsoft causes problems. I ran across
several postings about one update, it would not allow a machine running
ZoneAlarm to access the internet after it was installed. So, I downloaded
the new version of ZoneAlarm and tried to install it. Towards the end of
the installation, an error message popped up saying that the installation
couldn't complete; I did not have sufficient privileges to modify the
registry, see your Administrator for help. Needless to say, I logged out of
the account that I had used forever, logged in as 'Administrator', ran the
install again and everything was OK.

Question: What would cause my account that I have used for years (being a
part of the 'Admin' group) suddenly not have the proper privileges to
install software, and how can this be corrected without creating another
account with Admin priv and moving all of my files?

This problem seems to affect IE7 as well. I've noticed that pages that use
to display 'flash' content no longer display the content; just a blank space
where the content use to display. I can run IE7 as 'Administrator' and
'flash content is displayed!!! My account is being shown as still part of
the 'Admin' group, but it seems I have no 'Admin' privs. .

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!


I had the same problem with avg 8.0. What I had to do was make a new user
account with full
permissions than delete it. It seems it did mot recognize my admin logon as
having full permissions.

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