Local admin rights.



Good day,
I have just installed a fresh copy of XP pro, and am having problems with
the local admin rights. Here is my problem....
I joined the domain with my domain admin account and then logged off. I
logged on as local administrator to the box, and added my domain admin
account to the local administrator group. I even went as far as using group
policy editor to give myself rights specifically. Here is a sample of the
thing that I have found that I can't do while logged in to my domain admin
account. For example, I cannot right click on the programs menu and delete,
sort, rename...etc and when I go to my screensaver options, I cannot change
the time to activate and the checkbox for password protect on resume is
greyed out and I cannot uncheck that. So what have I missed?

Manny Borges

Try using the gpresult command at a command prompt to see what your group
memberships are and what policies are effecting you.

Manny Borges
MCSE NT4-2003 (+ Security)
MCT, Certified Cheese Master

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