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Is there a way to change the address book wizard in Outlook 2002. I
want to be able to click New Letter to Contact but it pulls up the
wizard which does two things that I don't like:

1) It formats the letter incorrectly e.g. with the date above the
address when the correct UK style is to put it below. Can I edit the
fields that get inserted to change the order?

2) I lose the 'boilerplate' text in my letter template (this is my
best wishes sign off with name and contact details on four lines). How
can I keep and/or insert this boilerplate text - the autotext which I
suspect I could use but it only appears to allow single lines.

If I can't do this then can anyone suggest the easiest way to track
letters that I've sent to contacts - I want them to appear
automatically in the Activities pane.

Thanks in advance

Stuart Bruce MIPR
Independent PR Consultant

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

To send a Form Letter or use a Custom Template for a new letter to a
Contact, you can use the Letter wizard invoked with the Actions... New
Letter to Contact.

For your custom letter template to appear in the list of Page Designs in the
Microsoft Word Letter Wizard, the letter templates you create must be saved
in the "Letters & Faxes folder Word 97) or the Templates\1033 folder (Word
2000 or 2002). The word "Letter" must be in the file name. Details here:;EN-US;Q210884;EN-US;Q291186

Once you have set up your Custom Template(s) you should see it as a choice
when you use the New Letter to Contact option in Outlook.

You cannot load boilerplate text in the body of the letter template. You
must create AutoText entries for the boilerplate. The easiest
thing to do would be to create one template and load the text for each
letter under its own style -- see KB article Q170342 (WD97) or Q207925

Take a look here for some other ways to merge Contact data to a new letter
to a Contact:

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